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Hola, Hello!

We’re so glad you’re here: you’ve come to the right place if you want to learn Spanish from professional, certified, fun and friendly teachers!


As flexible as your schedule and needs require

We have developed a method that works perfectly for nearly everyone’s schedule and needs. Whether 1:1 or group classes, our classes are conducted either online using Zoom or in-person in Playa del Carmen. And, when you’re not with your teacher, you can take advantage of FREE access to materials we’ve created just for our students including activities, games, podcasts, videos and more.


Want to have fun learning Spanish?


I’ll help - just pick a plan and we can start!

About Our Teachers


We LOVE that you want to learn our beautiful language and are excited to help you along this journey!

Located in

  • Professional and certified language teachers with at least three (3) years of experience teaching

  • Friendly, native Spanish speakers from both Mexico and Spain

  • Instruction for all levels and styles from beginner to advanced, children to adults, vacation to business Spanish


More Fun & Games

Learning a language opens the door to learning about a different culture. And, we know that everyone learns differently. So we’ve created materials just for our students, for every learning style.

Learn some Mexican slang, when to choose para or por, about Cinco de Mayo and more.

Games make learning easy and fun! These are just a few

of the games we’ve made.

Review tough Spanish verbs, meet the fantastic team at Spanish With Mis Amigos.

  • How is the class structured?
    We often spend around 30 minutes in conversation and 30 minutes reviewing grammar. But our classes are dynamic and flow very naturally based on the students’ learning style and needs.
  • How much homework should I plan on?
    We do assign a reasonable amount of homework, usually no more than 15-30 minutes at most to complete between sessions. And while it can only help you, it is certainly not required.
  • Is there a minimum number of classes per week that you recommend I take?
    Ideally, 3-4 classes per week. You're less likely to forget what you've learned while hearing and practicing Spanish regularly. Every student is different, however, so it’s entirely up to you.
  • My family is relocating - can we take class together?
    Yes, we have a Family & Friends plan and highly recommend it for situations like relocation. And since our classes are online, you can continue to learn even after your move!
  • What do I do if I need to cancel a lesson?
    Please let your teacher know that you need to cancel four (4) hours or more before class start time. You will be charged if you are a no-show or if you notify your teacher less than four (4) hours before class start time.
  • What happens if I purchase a plan and then decide to cancel?
    If you do not wish to continue your subscription , please cancel your automatic renewal a minimum of four (4) hours before your next class or recurring payment.
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